The Song of Mary

When you need to know the truth, who do you listen to?  Not the Mayans, evidently.

Here we are, after the latest predicted apocalypse has failed to arrive. And yet, the world as we know it may actually have ended a week ago Friday—with the death of the innocents in Newtown, Connecticut.   Continue reading

The Calling of Mary

Annunciation to Mary

The Bible tells how God calls people to take on a great task.  Sometimes there is a journey involved, and sometimes people have to do something that is dangerous.  When the angel appeared to Mary, a young woman in Nazareth, she was told that God was calling her to do something very special.  She was chosen to join her humanity to God’s creative purpose, and to bring Jesus into the world.  The task was dangerous–Mary did not have the protection of a husband.  And she set off on a journey, to stay with her cousin Elizabeth.  And her brave response was to sing a song of joy, and to say that she felt blessed by what God asked of her, in a song we call: the Magnificat. She knew that what God was doing would bring justice to the world, and she remembered his promise of mercy.  Though she was a humble woman living in a small village, Mary rejoiced that she could say yes to God.

That God became human is the greatest of miracles.  That God became incarnate in Mary before God was incarnate in Jesus is a beautiful mystery.  That God became poor and vulnerable is a truth that we continue to ponder in our hearts.

Food for thought:

  • What have you been told about the day you were born?
  • If you were Mary, what would have been the hardest thing to understand? That you spoke with an angel? Who your child was going to be? That God had chosen you?
  • If an angel were to tell you about something God wanted you to do, how would you respond? Ask a lot of questions? Be happy? Worry? Run away? Gladly obey?

Here is a children’s activity page related to this sacred story: about the Virgin Mary.

Blessings, Mother Anne+