The Birth of God’s Word

By Christmas morning we have told the story of Jesus’ birth in the stable many times in this parish church.

At two p.m. we used the crèche to tell the story to the tots and toddlers. At four p.m. the older children told the story themselves–dressed in costume and singing favorite carols. When we tell stories to children they want to know: what happened? And what happened next? Continue reading

The Great Story of Abram and Sarai

Abram was weary from the battle that had just ended. Local warlords had plundered the area; capturing Abram’s brother’s son and his family.

Abram led some 300 men, rescued the captives and returned safely. Abram was in the tent that was his home, pitched under the oaks of Mamre, in the land of Canaan. That night he had a vision… And the Word of the LORD came to Abram: “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield. Your reward shall be very great.” Continue reading

Do I Matter? Do I Matter to God?

When it begins to rain, do you lie down on the ground until the storm passes?

Probably not, but Andy Goldsworthy does. He is an artist, and a sculptor who works in the landscape, often with materials he finds where he is: usually leaves, sticks, rocks, and thorns. Continue reading

What the Bible says about Divorce: Mark 10:2-16

I don’t know of any preacher who approaches this text with joy.

Where is the good news in such harsh words about marriage and divorce?  It might be tempting to give a rousing endorsement of the importance of marriage and a stable family home for children, but that is a superficial reading and I am not content with that.  The stakes are high.  I know that even before I rise to preach, the words of the Gospel are ringing in people’s ears and many are feeling guilt, sorrow, or desperation. Continue reading