Good Shepherd and the 23rd Psalm

Good Shepherd

Christ as the Good Shepherd a 4th century CE marble engraving (Photo by Kleuske). In the collection of the Museum of Epigraphy, at the Baths of Diocletian, National Roman Museum.

Listen to hear why the 23rd Psalm is not for people
who feel safe.

Blessings! Mother Anne+

What voice do you listen to? What voice do you trust?

When I was living in my first apartment, I had a roommate, Karen.

We shared the onset of adult responsibilities, including the grocery bill. Whenever I did the grocery shopping, I could hear Karen’s voice when I reached for something on the shelf: “Don’t buy that! It’s too expensive!” Karen’s wasn’t the only voice I heard. I also heard my mother’s voice. She said: “Don’t buy that, it’s too fattening!” With those two voices guiding me, I would avoid the imported cheese section—taboo for both reasons—and generally come home with salad and chicken breasts for dinner. Continue reading

Jesus The Good Shepherd

Pressure cookers belong on the kitchen stove.

Ball bearings are to reduce friction. Nails are for building. But on Monday they were part of a bomb that killed three people and injured hundreds on a day of athletic achievement and celebration. The search for the guilty brought Boston to an unprecedented standstill. Continue reading