Peter’s Walk on the Sea

Another day with Jesus, another miracle.

What are we to make of Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee? Do we suspend our disbelief–even though we have a sound knowledge of physics? Do we read it and imagine there was a hitherto unknown string of stepping stones across the sea? In studying this text in the Gospel of Matthew, I became interested in the narrative from Peter’s perspective. I thought we might be able to enter into the familiar events if we heard them directly from him.

My name is Shim’on in Hebrew, or Petros in Greek. You can call me Peter.

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Feeding More Than 5,000

Let’s eavesdrop on a conversation that happened forty years ago:

Jim Friedrich and a friend went hiking in Yosemite for about a hundred and fifty miles—from Lake Tahoe to Tuolomne Meadows. At the end of the hike, they hitched a ride back to civilization. When the driver picked them up, he asked them eagerly “Have you heard the news?” “No. What news?” After twenty days in the backcountry, anything was news to them. “Nixon is going to resign today!” President Nixon was going to resign that very day, August 4, 1974. If you remember Watergate: the break-in and cover-up that implicated the highest realms of power in this country, then you probably remember where you were when Nixon became the only U.S. President to resign from office. It was big news. Continue reading

Who is in your family?

Who is in your family?

The answer in my case is complicated. On the Hungarian side of my family, both my grandfather and father had two batches of children with different wives. Consequently, my youngest aunt is a year younger than my younger brother– Continue reading


When astronauts are in outer space, they spend their free time looking at Earth.

They call it “Earth gazing.”

In the vast expanse of black, they see a little blue planet, and they can’t keep their eyes off it. Continue reading