Lent Madness meets Sacred Story

Anne and bracket

The Rev. Anne Emry distributing Lent Madness brackets at the Hingham train station

I never thought I would go to the train station fully vested, but anything can happen around here.  I work at what has become ground zero for Lent Madness–the brainchild of my boss, the Rev. Tim Schenck.  About three years ago he came up with this crazy mix-up of Lent and March Madness which pits saints against each other in rounds decided by online voting.  It began on his blog: Clergy Family Confidential, and has now gone viral, and has been featured in major media outlets.  Now Lent Madness has it’s own website, and is affiliated with Forward Movement. Not only have I been passing out brackets at the Hingham train station (can’t tell the players without a scorecard!), but I have created the first official Lent Madness Lenten Series Curriculum.  You will find it on this blog, with it’s own page for easy access. The first contest this Lent is between Jonathan Daniels, a modern civil rights martyr and Macrina the younger, a fourth century theologian and monastic. Let the madness begin!

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